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Visa information for Vietnam:

Vietnam grants visa-free entry to a number of nationalities for a certain number of days:
90-Day Visa Free Entry:
Citizens from Chile can enter Vietnam for 90 days without a visa.

30-Day Visa Free Entry:
Citizens of Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Laos and Kyrgyzstan can enter Vietnam for 30 days without a visa.

21-Day Visa Free Entry:
Citizens of the Philippines get 21 days upon arrival in Vietnam.

15-Day Visa Free Entry:
Granted to citizens of the UK, Norway, Russia, Belarus, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, South Korea, Spain.

VIETNAM IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENTUPDATE 01.03.20 NOTICE!!! Temporarily stop issuing e-Visa for foreigners who are in or have recently visited areas where Covid-19 is spreading.

Vietnam E-Visa:
Should you wish to stay longer than your allocated time, you can apply for an eVisa in advance of your travels on the official Vietnam Portal of Immigration. The eVisa is valid for a maximum of 30 days, single entry. The cost is $25 USD. This is highly recommended for travelers as many people enter Vietnam on the 15-day visa free entry pass and then regret it when they want to stay longer. (The 15-day entry pass can be costly to extend!)

You can apply online for the eVisa online here. (This is the official Vietnamese Government Page.) You will need to upload a copy of your passport and receive a registration code. After that, you pay the $25 USD fee by credit or debit card and wait for 3-days for the visa to be processed. Once you have your eVisa you should print out and bring it with you to show to the Immigration Officials upon entry to Vietnam.

Note: Not all border crossings accept the eVisa, so you will need to check if the border where you plan to enter Vietnam supports the eVisa. You can check by clicking “List of Ports” on this page.

Banner for official Vietnamese Government Page


Note: If you find any other site purporting issue eVisa or any other site with the word eVisa (e-visa) in their domain name, be aware that they will be acting as a third party and acting as a third party they will charge you a fee for the privilege. Click on the banner above or link you see below to be sure that you are applying for eVisa on the right website.

Link in full here: https://evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/web/guest/trang-chu-ttdt

For longer tourist visas (90 days):

It is possible to get a three-month single entry visa or multiple-entry visa to Vietnam if you apply at a Vietnamese Embassy in your home country before you travel. Or, if you cannot get to an embassy, there are many online agencies who can arrange this for you without sending your passport anywhere.

Visa extension:

Once you are in Vietnam, 30-day (or a maximum of 90-day) extensions can be obtained from travel agents in most major tourist hubs and can take up to 7-10 working days to process. With other Southeast Asian countries, we suggest going to the embassy direct to extend your visa, but with the case of Vietnam, it is probably easier to get a travel agent to sort it out for you. Prices vary dramatically so shop around (we’ve seen $330 USD for three months quoted online!).

Alternatively, you can leave Vietnam and re-enter the country with an eVisa to get another 30-days stay.

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